One day, in a small village in Bengal, a .. woman from the neighbourhood came to see me. She had the name “Sarva-khepi” given to her by the village people, the meaning of which is “the woman who is mad about all things.” She fixed her star-like eyes upon my face and startled me with the question, “When are you coming to meet me underneath the trees?” Evidently she pitied me who lived (according to her) prisoned behind walls, banished away from the great meeting-place of the All, where she had her dwelling.  Just at that moment my gardener came with his basket, and when the woman understood that the flowers in the vase on my table were going to be thrown away, to make place for the fresh ones, she looked pained and said to me, “You are always engaged reading and writing; you do not see.” Then she took the discarded flowers in her palms, kissed them and touched them with her forehead, and reverently murmured to herself, “Beloved of my heart.” I felt that this woman, in her direct vision of the infinite personality in the heart of all things, truly represented the spirit of India.

This is an excerpt from Tagore’s essay An Indian Folk Religion, first published by Macmillan in 1922, in Creative Unity. Its full text is available as an e-book at this link. It contains some of Tagore’s well-known and oft-cited essays.

Courtesy: The Gutenberg Project

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11 Responses to “The true spirit of India, as Tagore saw it”

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